2. The Bank’s history



Chronicle of Almazergienbank’s principal developments


·        Ergien Bank is established.


·        The change of the name to Almazergienbank is registered. 

·        Branches in Suntar and Verkhnevilyuisk regions of the republic are opened.

·        Almazergienbank becomes a member of the Russian Banks’ Association.


·        Branches in Vilyuisk region and the city of Mirny are opened.


·        Branch in Nyurba region of the republic is opened.


·        Aisen Nikolaev is elected the Chair of the Management Board by the Extraordinary Members’ Meeting.


·        RF Central Bank registers the Charter of the CB Almazergienbank due to changed form of incorporation.


·        Almazergienbank is admitted to the Diamond Chamber members.


·        Licenses of professional securities market participant are obtained.


·        The Bank considerably increases its share capital by joining the republican commercial bank Sakhacreditbank LLC and obtains a general license of the RF Central Bank for carrying out banking operations.

·        Almazergienbank obtains a status of the associate member of VISA International payment system.


·        Branch in Nizhny Bestyakh settlement of Megino-Kangalassky region of the republic is opened. 

·        JSCB Almazergienbank obtains a right for lending the public-sector employees within the implementation of “Housing” Program.



·        Alexander Mironov is elected the Chair of the Management Board by the Extraordinary Members’ Meeting.

·        Almazergienbank is one of the first in the republic to join the RF deposit insurance scheme.

·        Supplementary office in Maiya settlement of Megino-Kangalassky region is opened.

·        The Bank becomes a member of the Russian Regional Banks' Association.

·        Almazergienbank is registered as a participant of MICEX electronic trading system on making deposit deals with the Bank of Russia; it also joins the system of MICEX electronic document turnover.

·        The Bank starts issuing all types of its own VISA International payment system cards, from Electron to Platinum

·        The Bank introduces E-banking services.



·        License of the RF Central Bank for operations with precious metals is obtained.

·        Supplementary offices of the bank in Pokrovsk town of Khangalassy region and in Churapcha region of the republic are opened.

·        Almazergienbank reconstructs the building of the Russo-Asiatic Bank.

·        Almazergienbank’s Call-center is opened.

·        JSCB Almazergienbank JSC wins the open tendering competition to select a bank to implement a reporting system of social assistance to the privileged categories of population with the use of plastic cards at the expense of funds of the State budget of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia). 

·        The Chair of the Management Board of Almazergienbank Alexander Mironov is announced the Best Banker of Russia of the year 2006.


·        Supplementary office of JSCB Almazergienbank JSC in Aldan is launched.

·        Representative office in Moscow is opened.

·        By the results of the open tendering competition JSCB Almazergienbank JSC concludes a state contract with the SR (Y) Industry Ministry on serving the state program on gasification of the Sakha Republic’s localities in 2002-2006 and basic directions of gasification until 2010.


·        On August 1 Almazergienbank opens supplementary offices in the town of Lensk and the village of Ytyk-Kyuel of Tatta region.

·        Almazergienbank establishes business cooperation with the Consortium of Euler Hermes Kreditversicherungs-AG and PricewaterhouseCoopers AG representing the interests of the German Government.

·        The Chair of the Bank’s Management Board Alexander Mironov is elected the Deputy of the 4th State Assembly Il Tumen of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) for Verkhnevilyuisk-Gorny District №28.

·        Almazergienbank celebrates its 15th anniversary. 

·        Operational offices of the Bank are opened in Mokhsogollokh settlement of Khangalassy region.



·        Supplementary office in Neryungri is opened. 

·        Almazergienbank develops cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

·        Almazergienbank’s USD and Euro account is opened with the largest European bank Commezbank AG.

·        JSCB Almazergienbank JSC attends the meeting of the Russian-American Pacific Partnership.

·        Correspondent USD account of JSCB Almazergienbank JSC with China Construction Bank is opened.

·        Almazergienbank obtains a status of the affiliate member of Master Card international payment system.



·        New Strategy of JSCB Almazergienbank JSC until 2015 is developed.

·        Corporate and retail business departments are established.



·        The Bank is selected as the Authorized Bank to render services of opening and servicing the target personal accounts to provide social payment as well as services on lending mortgage loans to the participants of the republic’s pilot project to stimulate the construction of housing.

·        The Bank participates in the implementation of the Transport project in Yakutsk.

·        Electronic Cashier automated system is commissioned.

·        Almazergienbank opens its representative office in Saint-Petersburg



·        The Bank actively develops its retail infrastructure;

·        2 operational offices in Yakutsk are opened.

·        AEB reaches a new development stage: it obtains the decision of the Supervisory Board on reducing the state’s share in the Bank’s authorized capital and starts searching for a strategic investor.

·        The Bank opens its first operational office beyond Yakutia, in Khabarovsk.

·        The Bank introduces E-banking services.



·        Fitch Ratings Agency assigns Almazergienbank the BB- long-term foreign and national currencies Issuer Default Ratings and the A+(rus) National long-term rating with the Stable outlook.  Also, the Bank is assigned with the B short term foreign currency IDR, b Viability rating and 3 Support rating.

·        Almazergienbank wins a laureate diploma in the Best Bank of the Region nomination

·        On a competitive basis it is selected as a financial and credit organization to render services of opening and servicing the personal accounts to provide subsidies the to the participants of the long-term subprogram “Providing public sector employees with housing for 2013-2017”

·        Almazergienbank is included in the ТОР-200 banks of federal and regional significance, a so-called “second circuit of supervision” according to the RF Central Bank.

·        A new General License of the RF Ministry for Industry and Trade for export of fine gold in standard ingots and bullions is obtained

·        Agreement with the International Finance Corporation on providing consulting services to improve the risk management and corporate governance system is signed.

·        RAEX raises the creditworthiness rating to A+ Very high level of creditworthiness.

·        Almazergienbank celebrates its 20th anniversary




·        The Supervisory Board approves the Bank’s Development Strategy for   2014- 2018

·        A position of the Corporate Secretary is introduced

·        Lyudmila Nikolaeva is elected the Chair of the Management Board

·        Enters the Top-100 Russian banks by loans to individuals

·        Fitch Ratings Agency confirms the BB long-term IDR; outlook Stable.

·        RAEX confirms the A+ rating of creditworthiness, sublevel 3, and maintains the rating’s Stable outlook.

·        Supplementary office in Berdigestykh village of Gorny region is opened.

·        Representative office in Vladivostok is opened.

·        Two operational offices in Yakutsk are opened.