The Bank’s mission

In active collaborating consolidation with the Republic’s Government to work for the effective implementation of investment policy, large-scale infrastructure projects, support and development of small and medium businesses, implementation of regional social projects aimed to increase the living standards of the population. The Bank, supported in its activity by the world’s best practices, will continue creating a highly professional team of specialists, forming an up-to-date hi-tech platform for doing business, and improve the system of corporate governance and risk management.   

Strategic goals and main tasks of the Bank

Our main task is to tangibly contribute to the socio-economic development of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), promote the strengthening of the republic’s financial and credit system, thus developing effective banking business securing the growth of its shareholders’ investments.

Realizing its mission, the Bank identifies for itself strategic goals and objectives for a period till 2019. Achieving them will allow for the Bank’s breakthrough:

• enter the top 100 Russian banks by assets and capital;

• take the leading positions in the Sakha Republic’s banking sector;

• create a brand recognizable at the sub-federal level;

• maximize the financial result for the shareholders.


Vision (vision of the future) of the Bank

JSCB Almazergienbank JSC:

The bank in the top100 largest Russian banks by the amount of assets and capital, with a stable business reputation, known federally and in the international business circles.

Major financial brand and main strategic partner of the Government of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) in securing the region’s dynamic economic development.  


Corporate values

Economic development of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia)

We work to secure Yakutia’s socio-economic growth

We realize our responsibility for the development of our republic’s economy and aim for Yakutia to become a modern and highly-developed region. We finance highly effective sectors of economy producing high-level competitive products. We support local manufacturers and want our businessmen to develop. 



Flawless reputation guarantees our Bank’s sustainability and development 

We have been working on the financial market for more than 20 years and actively use our professional experience, which allows us to move forward confidently. We arrange our work in compliance with the best banking traditions, supported by the professionalism of our staff and providing our customers with perfect service and high quality of banking products. Our customers know: Almazergienbank means reliability, stability and decency. We value our reputation that we have gained through the years of hard work.   


Social responsibility

We aim to actively contribute to social development and social decisions

We guarantee our staff’s social security and stability and provide our customers with quality services based on high professionalism of our employees; through personal example of each employee we care about the environment, encourage voluntary participation of the Bank’s staff in the Bank’s corporate and charitable actions and support volunteer initiatives of the Bank’s staff. 


Team of professionals

We will achieve success with our professional team

Our team is a united living organism. Our relationships are based on mutual respect, cooperativeness and support. Our employees are people who consciously and honestly perform their duties and work with the highest efficiency. We find it interesting to jointly solve complicated tasks and achieve outstanding results. People make our main strength. We shape leaders who professionally and persistently work at all levels of management, create strong teams and strengthen our spirit – the spirit of entrepreneurship, energy, mutual support and creative activity. Day by day we develop our bank with our every action, bringing it to the aim and new quality of our work. Highly competent staff makes our main strength.   


Well-established relationship with customers

Customer needs are our concern

We establish long-term relationship with customers and will do everything necessary to make sure that every person coming to our Bank becomes our loyal customer and recommends us to his or her friends, acquaintances and partners. We appreciate our customers’ trust and justify it. We always seek to treat ourselves and others with dignity. In complicated situations, when choice has to be made, we find honest solutions accommodating the interests of all parties. We create new living standards. 


Legitimacy, security and transparency 

We base our work on the principles of openness and transparency

We scrupulously follow the acknowledged principles and norms of international law, as well Russian and Yakutia’s legislation and the Bank’s internal documents. We adhere to the policy of maximum openness and transparency of the Bank’s activity. We aim to use all available sources of information for a free access of all interested parties to the disclosed information about the Bank.


Implementation of innovations

We implement up-to-date banking technologies for our customers’ convenience and optimization of servicing processes

We adhere to innovative style in everything to do with the development of new market segments, modern financial services, advanced banking technologies and forms of work, new contacts and proposals, search for the new business dimensions and new forms of cooperation with customers and receiving new ideas.


Healthy lifestyle

A healthy employee guarantees the success of the whole Bank

Healthy lifestyle has become an integral part of the Bank’s corporate culture. To preserve and improve each employee’s health, the company develops and implements programs aimed to form the staff’s healthy lifestyle and prevent illnesses.